"Be Adorned"

After many years in jewellery manufacturing BW have come to the understanding that the personal and detailed attention to the unique requirements of every customer is essential. They set out to put the magic back into purchasing a one off unique piece of this art form. They also know that quality usurps quantity and that originality cannot be mass produced. A piece of art and especially jewellery is eternal. The eye never tires of it and the heart is always moved by it. The act of purchasing something that is worn so close and that can be held for generations to come, needs to be regarded with much respect and admiration.

The consequences of the industrialisation of the jewellery art form has been a concern. It is true to say that jewellers have been at times separated from the other fine artists to become an entity which is mainly concerned with the production of commercially competitive items. In this environment the artists' own unique creative genius is often not allowed to come to fruition. They have therefore embarked on a journey to assist in changing the way the creative jewellery art form and its artists are viewed. By proclaiming themselves to be artists in their own right they join the movement to bring back the act of jewellery creating to where it belongs as a true fine art form and not only as a production industry.

BW are striving to assist people to adorn themselves with truly unique creations of precious metals, pearls, gems and other materials. The use of textile techniques with metal and the intricate articulation allowing life like movement are just two of the rare art forms used-quite unlike any other Jewellery in today's market.

BW artists bare witness to the fact that art is not just the mere application of oil to a canvass or a chisel to wood ,marble or gold but that it is a deep deliberate intent spawned by the power which comes from our core imagery, desire, drives and spirituality.


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